Public real estate projects to raise the housing baby suspected of illegal fund raising

according to voice of the economy, the "world" reported that, at present, to raise the public seems to be "a universal cure" of a thing, now even the house can raise the public, but experts say that this pattern may be suspected of illegal fund-raising.

Internet financial platform group launched a real estate lending network congregation to raise the product room baby attracted many investors. As long as the lowest cost 1000 yuan, investors can buy a place called "villa" of the CITIC Royal Park real estate projects.

world today, the company called the loan network customer service learned that the first phase of the house baby line less than three days of the villa has been sold out.

net lending group customer service: our first phase has been sold out. There are 443 people raised the project, you can go to the scene (Dongguan) look.

"CITIC Royal Park" is located in the Guangdong area of Dongguan city center, the original price of nearly thirty-one thousand square meters, but investors to raise the public can reach about 30 percent off, including taxes and fees is 22 thousand and 713 yuan. After successfully raised the public, investors are not directly obtain the "CITIC Royal Park" property, but by a third party company group net loan association on behalf of the holders of property rights. According to the design of the group loan network, investors hold real estate period of not more than 3 years, the operation of the product in the process of voting by all investors decided to withdraw from the time, investors can also conduct a transfer agreement on the proportion of real estate investment.

group loan network customer service to the world company stressed that the room baby products can not make money, the group does not make any net income guarantee loans, but she also hinted that the project so far, very money.

group loan network customer service: you can look at our first phase of the housing baby". 22 thousand yuan to subscribe, the original price is $30 thousand, you can imagine the gains, but we are not going to guarantee your income.

because the baby room is net lending group’s first on-line real estate project to raise the public, companies are also given certain preferential policies: the first stages of investors to buy the product, you can enjoy exemption from management fees, service fees treatment, just to mention the pay 1/1000 to 3/1000 of the cash fee.

In addition to

, financial security issues investors are worried that the group net loan customer service said that the company’s risk control measures are very strict, funds by the third party platform regulation, there is no risk of run away.

group loan network customer service: capital inflows and outflows is directed. After all the chips, the funds will be placed in a common account management of the third party management company, hosted in the payment of money, will be frozen, and finally to developers. Nowhere else to turn. In addition, there are third party funding guarantee Guarantee corporation.

developers, CITIC Royal Park sales agent confirmed to reporters, indeed with the group net loan cooperation this project, launched a hand villa houses, but did not disclose the total price of the villa, as well as more details of cooperation between the two sides.

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