Net loan home Xu Hongwei P2P eyes closed money era has passed


98% this year, net loan investors have earned money, this situation may no longer exist next year." Net loan home CEO Xu Hongwei told the first financial daily "financial" reporters. Plump, looks very nice Xu Hongwei is the founder of net loan third party net loan to the earliest domestic home, he believes that the net loan market in recent years has experienced a 2007 A stock bull market, but the net loan market next year may be in crisis.


": this year the financial net loan investment is very hot, how many people make money from


Xu Hongwei: early to join the net loan investors 98% have earned money, but this situation may no longer exist next year.

years ago, the investment is somewhat remote from the general public topic, until the first 10 years, the real estate market continued to boom, as well as the 2007 A bull market, wake up people’s awareness of investment banking.

last year began to gradually popular network lending investment, further down the public investment threshold, 50 yuan can start investment, while net loan investment is also very simple, just follow the prescribed order registration, recharge, investment, you can wait for the high income, earn huge money effect to attract a large number of investors, the network lending industry since 2013, the development of a thousand li a day now, the development speed of the two platforms on the line every day.

is precisely because more than 98% of investors have been able to make money, investors began to become unusually confident, resulting in a variety of "take the lead", "head", opinion leaders. Whether it is investment platform, or on the platform questioned, are not allowed to question the tone. But is this really the case, which may involve too many irrational factors?.


": P2P universal financial money next year will change the


Xu Hongwei: in fact, after October this year, the situation has changed. Any kind of investment, if 98% of investors are making money, which in itself is not the norm, or it is impossible to continue.

, however, in fact, almost all platforms in the normal operation, the number of people running off less. This phenomenon, it will give the periphery who want to enter the industry a signal that the industry is very good, easy to succeed. Therefore, the development of the industry continues to accelerate. Optimistic estimates, in the future, the number of net loan platform may be more than 5000.

is still the platform’s growth is far behind the growth of investors, but investors may not be able to keep up with the growth rate of the platform. At that time there will be a new two platforms, there may be a platform to disappear from the market at the same time, and in turn, the closure of the disappearance of more, less new.

ultimately pay for the risk, or investors. Now 95% of the investors are making money situation gone for ever, leave a mess, may be less than half of the investors can make money.


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