Social networking era should be more emphasis on audience participation

from the popularity of social groups to buy a wide range of smart phones, network community began to penetrate the development of e-commerce. In fact, the network community is the development of the network back to the relationship between people and people, with the network of human relations as the context, brand promotion and reputation radiation. Personal webmaster and SEOer to pay more attention than ever to the user to bring the meaning of the spread of the site, emphasizing audience participation, always concerned about the emerging social application platform.

uses social applications

now has a large group purchase site and integration platform for cooperation, which is the community platform applied to specific examples of network marketing, we can improve a lot of personal exposure in the community platform, micro-blog, video, IM, blog is all we need to do platform.

construction core impression

specialize in, your site should be used in a certain field, focus on creating awareness in this area. The brand is to have their own characteristics, areas of expertise, such as micro-blog marketing, your foothold is to the electricity supplier provided by micro-blog launched the techniques and methods of network marketing, focusing on this field, the construction of a cultural circle. Once the visitor sees your station, it will produce a core impression, more conducive to visitors to remember you, get a specific need for him.

word of mouth

why buy site now have to focus on creating their own business page, because most of the new station to buy new users are from the introduction of the old user. After users have a pleasant experience in return will come, this is a key to expand user groups. Reputation is extended from a website brand meaning, influence of interpersonal communication information of the recipient of the information has vital role, this is all we can think of, often around person is the most credible. In order to site optimization, and in the pages of your keywords are piling up very The loss outweighs the gain. approach.

service attitude

service attitude is the key to build the reputation of users, you can give visitors the most convenient and timely communication, not cold visitors, so that every visitor can get good service attitude, good browsing experience will give users impressed, users will naturally in the industry, and even related industries to promote your the web site. This may be you do months ranking, a few months of text ads can not achieve the effect.

website ranking does not explain the marketing efforts, the success of a website, will ultimately be judged by the market and users, we must consider the conversion of visitors, the social network era, users become the main body of the network.

we develop a preferential information, increase the exposure rate, how much the user conversion rate, there is a marketing achievement how is unable to use digital to specific analysis, compared to the unknown, one-way transmission of marketing mode, change from passive to active, we should be more specific and the extensive range of users AC >

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