Foreign trade e commerce new opportunities rarely spread quickly

and, Jingdong mall, these star enterprises together holding a hot domestic commerce market, the field of electronic commerce in foreign trade bureau person has been low-key stealth. However, not much outside attention did not stop the disease secretly. Especially after entering in 2010, the development of foreign trade e-commerce presents a blowout trend.

this is closely related to the external environment changes. After the financial crisis, large amount of traditional trade in "container" of the impact of foreign small wholesalers short single, high frequency small, instead of the large and medium-sized wholesalers of long and big orders. In addition, a large number of overseas grassroots buyers competing, coupled with the gradual improvement of foreign trade e-commerce related technologies, have prompted the development of cross-border small trade as the main business of foreign trade e-commerce enterprises to flourish. At the same time, some related emerging Internet Co through technology proficient on the industry, the unique understanding, also in this transformation successfully seize the initiative.

new changes, new opportunities

if you still think that foreign trade Alibaba is doing business, then you obviously OUT. This industry has a new play.

in the early development of e-commerce in foreign trade, the emergence of Alibaba to solve the problem of asymmetric information supply and demand, so that the upstream manufacturers and large companies to see the opportunity to shorten the channel, increase profits. But in essence, Ali is only a platform to build information display. After the exchange of information on the Internet, the follow-up to talk about the contract, the transaction process still need to return to the line to complete.

then, the second generation of foreign trade e-commerce company, Dunhuang network appears. Compared with Alibaba, Dunhuang network further, it is not only to display information, but also the entire supply chain links to a variety of elements, such as logistics, payment, customer relationship management are integrated on a platform. Dunhuang network to provide one-stop e-commerce services, the domestic foreign trade sellers directly pushed to overseas buyers. These sellers include the production of foreign trade companies, foreign trade wholesale enterprises, and even individual network operators, while the buyers covers large wholesalers, small wholesalers and even overseas consumers.

is not difficult to see that the early Dunhuang network model, take the development idea of "large wholesale and retail.".


financial crisis has become an important turning point. During the crisis, foreign banks have tightened their pockets, reducing the amount of credit to buyers. Buyers for the capital chain and control the risk of capital considerations, and gradually will be converted into large purchases of small procurement, from centralized procurement into fragmented procurement. At the same time, to the individual units of overseas grassroots buyers began to emerge.

small retail trade in the next few years catch up from behind. The sales behavior of domestic suppliers has also changed, the bulk of exports began to decline, replaced by small batch, batch export.

corresponds to this, foreign trade e-commerce technology means mature and perfect. For example

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