Customer service platform Udesk announced the completion of 100 million yuan B round of financing of

July 12th news, customer service system provider Udesk announced the acquisition of 100 million yuan B round of financing, the joint venture capital lead cast, DCM China with investment. Udesk founder Hao Ran said that the current round of financing will be mainly used to upgrade the product.  

Udesk belongs to Beijing Wofeng era Data Technology Co. Ltd., founded in December 2013, is a smart SaaS customer service software professional service provider. Udesk was founded in order to solve and meet the needs of mobile Internet era business customer service system and pain points, is the first to put forward the concept of multi-channel intelligent customer service platform vendors.

Udesk in the innovation of WeChat, IM, app, telephone, email, web, micro-blog, SMS and other mobile and social factors on the enterprise customer service system, customer service personnel only need to solve customers through various channels to bring problems in a platform can. So as to improve work efficiency and reduce enterprise cost.

logically speaking, Udesk products are divided into three layers, namely, information interaction layer, information flow layer, information presentation layer. Corresponding to the Udesk system of multi-channel + robot, work order, data analysis, multi-channel + work part. On the basis of the first two layers of compaction, we should do a good job in the BI part, which is also a large number of customer requirements." Yu Haoran said to I dark horse.

it is understood that Udesk has so far served, through courier, McDull street, travel and other Internet companies, covering the Internet financial, O2O, education, tourism, media, transportation, health care and other industries.

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