Small sellers from the ashes of the road not only is the seller

since the end of 2013, Taobao blocked small sellers sound increasingly strong, Taobao recently came to replace "chunks" position, continue to large businesses in blood transfusion, small sellers a piece of some cases, it predicts will eliminate a large number of Taobao sellers this year. We all think this is Comrade Ma to burn the bridge after crossing it.

and not to comment on this view is right or wrong, as a part-time operation several shop I, a fact that is more and more difficult to do, since it is difficult to do, it would have to find a way out, instead of thinking about giving up, do the Internet is always facing the people, and that is, it must be able to find countermeasures.

presumably we have heard a lot of such words, WeChat marketing, differentiated marketing, transformation… These words are pointed out the same way, out of the Taobao station. How to do, there are more doorways.

strengthen brand awareness, see this sentence, many small sellers may want to complain, it is "small" sellers, where the brand, say it is wrong, the brand is not limited to Nike Adidas such, from the media, one of the hottest words now heard, yeah since the media can also store. A simple example of a Mori girl style dress shop, very natural, love Sen female style of women mostly range of children’s literature, this can be done from the media store a fan art, confirm the location, then can do more, pay attention to the main point is this the shop is only suitable for personalized shops, grocery store type is not appropriate.

broaden marketing channels, we can think of the most Taobao station promotion, is nothing more than a post, for Taobao, now we need to do the shop as a site, a public number, a media star and so on. From the media itself, there is a lot to adapt to the specific platform, can refer to the loose "14 media platform" hematemesis recommended this blog, but I still recommend doing fine and not much, now is still the first choice of WeChat, but is no personal or public number, in view of the special nature of the store, or private advice, convenient interaction. Special attention, do not send ads every day, this is really stupid and inefficient promotion. As the promotion of site, the former had ever the case, however, it may need more, because the shop, are not independent website optimization this updated content can not do much, mainly is the chain and keyword promotion, suggestions to spend a little money, much promotion promotion Keywords of the shop, because it is to establish their own vocabulary, the competition will be small. The best promotion is not to compete but to create their own popular vocabulary, vocabulary become popular, such as the shop name is XX, you can buy a little quiz promotion, similar to the XX shop how, XX clothes is good, what good recommended shops and so on, one or two days may effect is not obvious, insist on a period of time, the effect of natural appearance. Here a little attention, Taobao has a Aiwangda function, as long as the owner of the @ want name, you can enter the shop at home, "

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