Fresh coup using local language for website promotion fueling

recently I duori pondering, end whim, want to rely on the local culture in the local language richly endowed by nature, language features on a web site, I think, ultimately to the website called "dog pig entertainment network", since Chinese all love entertainment, I do a recreational Internet cafes, responsive also.

so what is "dog day pig", what is "dog day pig entertainment network"? This is a long word, let us start from the "dog day pig" three words from the bar.

"dog day pig" from the prestige dialect, but also the words of authority. Prestige where? Is prestige County of Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, is located in the Yunnan Guizhou Plateau in a remote road to the mountain. Because of its remote and difficult to, as a result of unique language features of local authority, with a strong local flavor, vivid and lively image, interesting and profound meaning, is a mountain slang, but you can’t imagine the fun and that is national treasure also.

what is the meaning of "dog day pig"?

"dog pig" meaning: dog and pig mating, was unlikely to happen, strange;

"dog day pig" moral: a strange thing, people do not understand, can not imagine;

"dog pig" meaning: people cannot understand. Won’t listen to reason, of course, will make people feel very strange, funny, strange and fresh;

"dog pig" prestige words true meaning: blame out! If authority says you are "dog pig", just dont see you, or see you dislike, say you ought with sugar, careless and casual, laugh at you, basically in his eyes you, is a shit! After all three words — dig your

!But "

dog pig entertainment network" is not the intention, but extended its reference meaning, is to let you see what you can’t imagine the funny thing, fun, fresh new things;

so "pig dog principle entertainment entertainment network" is something strange, a bit crazy, to fresh fun Haoshua – four words, make you look good! Life is boring but more depressed, "dog pig entertainment network" does not believe this evil, we will let you live is full of inexhaustible new and exciting.

so, dog day pig Entertainment Network – you want to look good……

is no longer depressed and sad and boring way, with "dog pig entertainment network", funny, crazy play, enjoy happiness.

the first document, hope you brother, many predecessors support and guidance.

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