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today is the second day by Baidu know promotion website, just do a "net capital problem which is the best blog", second days on the Baidu home page third! This is really a dark horse that Baidu! Itself the word blog network resources competition is not fierce, so it is easy, the difficulty a little, I have not put out, or to consolidate, try to make a success of a


just two days and found a lot of problems, simple sharing:

first, do Baidu know more trouble, very cumbersome. Especially a person do, IP to exchange the trouble, if more people operate together, should be simple.

second, keep a senior, is a must, high-level, question can be more easily obtained from the search results in the rankings, it will be able to see it, a person raising number is difficult, if you help will soon, this number is the senior form for all services, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit.

third questions of the title is the key, some title to not be searched, never the light of day, the general principle is that the user what to search, we’ll go to ask what must match exactly, the biggest opportunity.

, fourth, who also lost Baidu’s temper, perhaps what is sent out, so the action is not too frequent, too hard, really not submitted, change IP, change the number to ask questions, and to answer the main number tomorrow.

fifth, Baidu will give you a lot of tasks, tasks to pick up the whole, then according to the task that to answer the question, we can gain more experience and additional incentives, in order to quickly upgrade, also can use this way.

sixth, answer the key issues, must be added to the Baidu collection, I know in the left, below, this is a social bookmarking, the ranking of great help, if you can make your friends come to the problem, the ranking properly due to.

temporarily on these, after the discovery of problems in practice will be shared in a timely manner to everyone. Use Baidu to know to grab the keywords is only the first part, the most important thing is to put these flow into our website, how to do it, I think friends can understand! Just stick to it will have a good effect, but this process, ordinary people really can not survive the others! Do not say, I will do it! The members of the group are also more and more, but many are not practical, do not dependably, I also want to patient, so as to form a professional Baidu know promotion team, the strength of this team can not belittle not because we are strong! But, because we are standing on the shoulders of Baidu. If you want to be a part of us, apply for our promotion group quickly!

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