Ali partner again double 11 myth WiFi partner will achieve the next miracle

opening 1 minutes and 12 seconds: trading volume broken 1 billion;

12 minutes and 28 seconds: turnover exceeded $10 billion;

just an hour later, the transaction volume has exceeded 30 billion;

half a day, the transaction amount of more than 57 billion 100 million yuan in 2014;

at the end of the day, all day long transaction volume reached 91 billion 217 million perfect ending, a new record.

this is the Alibaba this year, eleven double handed transcripts. Continue to create a new legend, in fact, the most important thing is behind the team, especially Ma and his 18 Co founders. Ma Yun has more than once expressed in public, such as "the next round of competition, not talent competition, but the competition of the partner system" point of view, which fully reflects the importance of the partnership system.

on the basis of the partner of Alibaba, Ping An WiFi derived a partner + congregation to raise the innovative partner mechanism, and launched the industry disruptive products – WiFi revenue treasure.


Ping WiFi partner program face the WiFi owner development, owner of WiFi through the "WiFi income treasure", the own WiFi hotspot access safe WiFi hotspot network, according to the cumulative length of time on the Internet and other factors into the store through the WiFi, obtain the corresponding subsidy provided by Ping An WiFi, and through the live view / profits income WiFi treasure withdrawals and other functions. At the same time, will also be the owner of WiFi behind the "medicine also play" resources together, forming a huge pool of shared resources.

Ping WiFi partner program vision is the "national network partner program /WiFi chip" model based on boosting, build a national WiFi network. With the increase of the WiFi partner, the giant pool of resources based on connectivity, more services can provide free internet service for users, and at the same time related businesses to provide value-added services business field.

perhaps you will become the protagonist of the next myth, quick action to download WiFi revenue treasure, become a partner in peace WiFi it!

scan under the two-dimensional code or click on the link, immediately download WiFi revenue treasure, open the partner’s trip!

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