The key point of Web site planning not constrained by experience and systematic thinking

      Internet site planning is one of the key factors for the success of the website. Regardless of specific products, in the site planning, there are two key points need to pay attention to the core.

      first, not subject to empirical constraints.

      Web site planning is not a fixed model, it is important to meet the strategic objectives of the business. For example, many of the site’s planning staff in the planning of the management of the registration process, most prefer to simplify the registration process, the purpose is to make the user comfortable, so that users can quickly register. However, this is not suitable for all sites. Founded in 1999, was the most popular apartment rental site, February 2005 was bought by eBay for $433 million in cash. One of the most important factors that have led to its success is that it has a more complex user registration process than other rental sites. The result is that collects more customer information on the user registration process than other rental sites. The benefits of doing so is the user turnover rate greatly improved.

      of course, not to say that all sites should do this, it is important to coordinate the operation of each site according to the objectives. Like some Web2.0 sites, such as and Slide, such as the album screening site, they do not need to customize the service for each user, there is no need to collect information that can not be used. And and eHarmony such sites, you need to register to search a lot of information to the user, the information can provide users with differentiated services.

      the key here is to maintain the spirit of independent judgment and not be constrained by conventional thinking and experience.

      second, system thinking

      for example, in 1997, the WHO announced the elimination of malaria in africa. But 8 years later, the incidence of malaria in Africa has increased by a factor of 5. Why the original intention is very good, but the consequences are more serious? The reason is because the WHO in the development of the target, a Japanese company began to purchase large quantities of drugs, resulting in the local production of malaria drug makers fail, and thus lead to a local malaria plant no planting, natural medicine results to prevent malaria thus disappear. Management guru Peter @ Senge concluded that the important reason of this result is not made systematic thinking, only palliative. "They did not see the kind of cotton farmers were working on, and were not aware of the role of natural medicines to prevent malaria

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