Discussion on the micro blog Ecology the big V in the micro blog forest

micro-blog is like the Athens square, as long as you want, you can hear the wise Socrates enlightenment, Aristophanes talk rapidly tearful, you can also move the ShiTou Railway Station block up, rallying the call, all you see is a powerful words of sincerity, the Internet do not know you are a dog time gone for ever. In micro-blog, B and lie than in real life difficult times, your every word and action have been documented, become your character for the show hall card……"

This text is more than

, a post netizen @ May flowers rye ". With their agreement to take over borrowing, because it accurately summarizes an important feature of the micro-blog eco: virtual micro-blog is a real and equal platform, its true almost naked, who can not giggle and flirt on it.

yes, here comes to micro-blog in the "V", is also the operators to win over the wrist influential public figures. "V" is the towering big tree with luxuriant foliage in the forest of micro-blog, from their swaying grace, we hope to hear authoritative information, see the original value judgment.

"V" does not have the real name authentication, some people shouted, should be gathered, such as the famous "@ without V", such as wearing a vest "@veggieg" – everyone knows that she is Faye Wong. But big V real name authentication, but also can bring tangible benefits, for example, enjoy the free distribution of the fans quota, and is constantly recommended to ordinary network users. Operators on the big V special treatment, to the good side, said Matthew effect, an increase of celebrity influence, but also brings the digital divide, so that ordinary users are more unequal expression of equity.

Special favour

even by operators, "V" in micro-blog ecological does not always survive. It should be said that most of the "big V" to deliver the goods, their enthusiasm, professional background and influence, rational suggestions, popularize knowledge, maintain fairness and justice, so that the "big V" timetested grinding. But I just two years experience in micro-blog, also see a lot of idols in the collapsed overnight: exposing the false education success story caused by selling Jack hated by both man and God; a "mentor", could not account for his simple life; on TV of gab cultural scholars, and when users interact knowledge in straitened circumstances; "questioning overdraft, opinion leaders cannot afford different views, angry, yanmianjinshi…… More micro-blog "frame" or "about gun", what is a "mood"


there is a place where there are rivers and lakes, there are places where there is discord. Micro-blog in the forest almost every day staged naked combat play, sometimes grand theme, sometimes just "olive oil can be heated" trifles differences. If you are a spectator, I suggest you cautious intervention, because micro-blog arena, usually friend or foe Identity Ambiguity, a friend of a friend is not your friend, the enemy may still be your enemy.

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