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Beijing on July 1st news, according to foreign media reports, in June 2012 will mark the technology industry has entered a new era.

June 11th, apple showed iOS 6. IOS 6 contains maps and voice recognition applications, iTunes store offers music and movies, all applications and content are connected via the Internet and Apple’s cloud services.

a week later, Microsoft announced the Surface tablet PC. Surface can access the Internet and Microsoft’s cloud services Windows Azure; on Wednesday, Google announced the latest mobile phones and tablet PCs to access cloud services, as well as a media player called Nexus Q. Nexus Q supports Android devices, Internet and Google cloud services.

a multibillion dollar industry is rapidly abandoning PC. Last year, HP and DELL PC business revenue reached about $70 billion, but they basically did not appear in apple, Microsoft and Google staged in June cloud services show. DELL declined to disclose the future of cloud strategy; HP spokesman said in a statement, the company’s server and the software has been applied in the global flow of the 10 largest website in 8, the 5 largest search engine in 4, the 3 largest U.S. social media ", but did not mention the PC.

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technology is also a challenge for Intel. Intel chips are used in Apple products and many other devices. Intel has a very high market share in the chip market, but it is usually a chip with a lower profit margin, and faces fierce competition. NVIDIA chip has been stationed in Google equipment.

all connected mobile devices and cloud services constitute a new ecological system, each device is a powerful computer, can access cloud services unlimited storage capacity and processing power. Google hardware business director Matt · (Matt Hershenson), said, we are entering a new era, consumer electronics is a complex hardware, software and cloud services." Hector Simpson’s view also suitable for commercial computing.

last Friday is the 5 anniversary of the launch of Apple’s iPhone. Next week, the third party iPhone cloud services will also usher in the 4 anniversary. Google last year found that the experimental cloud device is now almost mainstream products.

people are currently working on their own iPhone and tablet PCs. More than 5 million enterprise users in the Google cloud service applications to edit documents, exchange spreadsheets. Microsoft’s cloud services application store Azure Marketplace has 273 commercial and financial applications.

Many of the rules for

‘s new ecosystem are still in development. With the help of Kindle tablet

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