nternational the future of social networking in the graphical social model

Charlene Li (see the end of the text) in today’s Pattern social model (Graphing Social) meeting made a keynote speech. The topic of the speech is "the future of the social network," Charlene stresses that the focus of her speech is five to ten years later. Her basic view is that in the future, "social networks are like air.". Or, when you walk through the web and the web site, it will be everywhere, and if you don’t have a social network as part of your life, you will feel like you can’t breathe.

based on this perspective, most of the Charlene speech focused on how the various components of the social network will evolve:

• personal file (Profiles)

• relationship (Relationships)

• activity (Activities)

• business model (Business Models)

profile: a generic identity

, like most of us, has a lot of Charlene (see below).


then, she wants to have a common identity. Her specific advice is through email and / or cell phone, because it is an identity she can control. And Charlene envisioned a joint approach (such as OpenID). And she expects some of the key players to be the main focus of the alliance. We have seen that these ideas are beginning to come true, AOL and Yahoo have all supported OpenID.

Charlene also discussed the "social network users (Bill of Rights for bill of rights Users of the Social Web)", the document created by the number of thought leaders in social networks: Joseph Smarr, Marc Canter, Robert Scoble and Michael Arrington. Document:

we openly advocate that all users of the social network have been given certain basic rights, in particular:

ownership of their personal information, including

• their own personal file data

• list of people they associate with

• they create the content of the active stream

• whether or not these personal information is shared with others, as well as

• free access to trusted external websites for continuous access to their personal information.


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