Honker Union CEO and Tianjin station of DDOS attack and defense

      June 8th 20:00, Tianjin Software Industry Association Internet application branch official QQ group: 39241075, the fourth phase of the group will be officially started the research activities. Chinese Honker Union speaker DDOS CEO attack. The following is the discussion:

                                                        & nbsp;;                     Date: June 8, 2007 20:00 official QQ group: 39241075 guests: SHARPWINNER   ===================================================================; Liu Weijun (laomai Internet 296128095):  Hello, Tianjin recently some sites by cyber attacks, resulting in different levels of loss. Today we are in the Admin5 Adsense nets straw under the support of an invited SHARPWINNER WEB security research activities, the form is still SHARPWINNER please talk about 20-30 minutes, please don’t interrupt the middle, and then discuss the questions. Brief introduction: SHARPWINNER is Chinese Honker Union (www.redhacker.cn) CEO, "Honker Fengyun" author, author of "interpretation of insider exposure" honker. Had received China education satellite TV channel (CETV-SD) "E" and other family digital media access, "SHARPWINNER" the amazing Honker forums were reproduced.           SharpWinner: to tell you the DDOS attack and defense technology today, with the popularity of broadband Internet constantly, more and more people use the broadband network, but also brought a lot of opportunities for hackers. In recent years, more and more various technology DDOS tools, the implementation of DDOS attacks more easily, so the business competition, more and more used to blackmail and impose exactions on DDOS technology. A lot of IDC computer room, e-commerce website, game server has been plagued by DDOS attack technology, resulting in legal disputes, business losses, etc.;

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