T world network will close the T class vertical website Qi sad

before the rumored IT world network will stop its operations, in Shenzhen, Guangzhou station are facing off the risk of dissolution, even a "IT class vertical sites to decline" sigh. So, once glorious moment of the IT world network will be caught in the plight of survival, IT vertical website really a sad


now once glorious survival setback"I

last month from IT world net turnover, the contract within 7 days to settle wages, but wages has not hair, called a variety of financial shirk……" The day before, a former employee of micro-blog in the IT world network broke the IT world net disguised layoffs, and arrears of wages, causing much attention.

revealed that the old IT vertical website IT world network is about to stop operation, the site of Shenzhen station has been disbanded in November 4th, Guangzhou branch also disbanded. At present, the reporter saw in the IT world online, in Shenzhen and Guangzhou, the contents of the page in November 3rd to stop the update.

IT world network was founded in 2004, is a wholly owned subsidiary of EGO’s Internet vertical class IT professional website. Relying on EGO in the country has 52 IT stores and the inherent advantages of IT stores in the, IT world network channels covering China’s 23 provinces, 39 cities in the 100 million terminal consumers, the industry has a high visibility.

once IT world network, now why would survive into the danger of


"IT world net good congenital conditions, end to end, is due to the high operation ability, no site managers can only avoid direct envy, many excellent editors go." When it comes to reason the site closed, IT world network staff said in micro-blog, IT world network management confusion, put up the shutters sooner or later.

Because the operating errors in the


for rumors outside the IT world network management confusion that former IT world network deputy editor in chief Lin Xihong expressed opposition, and said: "the IT world network is the tragedy of business failures, rather than team management problems in the legend."

As for the

operation, the famous website operation expert Jiang Pingzhong said: "the IT world network basically do not see what profit model, sub station built so much but not prominent core competitiveness."

IT world network is about to stop operations and decline of China’s computer city model has a great relationship." The optimized Developer Forum on Network Operations Manager Fu Bin Herald reporter analysis, "IT world network operating mode relies heavily on computer city, and with the gradual decline of IT mode in Chinese stores, stores between IT and IT sites of the reciprocal function gradually weakened."

when the notebook, hardware, digital products in the computer city sales hot, IT world network through information, quotes, evaluation, etc. will be connected to the Internet users and computer city sales model, you can absorb IT>

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