Daily topic Ali and ants gold service 6 billion years immersed in the reputation of the network back

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) June 24th news, yesterday, Alibaba and ant gold service jointly announced that the two sides will jointly set up a local life service platform company reputation and their capital injection 3 billion. The word of mouth suddenly sound: after a lapse of 4 years, we came back." Is there any connection between the two


word of mouth network is Taobao’s website, on-line in June 2004. Committed to creating the first brand of e-commerce in the field of life services. Web site to provide consumers with comments sharing, consumer guide, is the business of publishing promotional information, word of mouth marketing, the implementation of e-commerce platform.

October 2006, Alibaba injected word of mouth network, which is the first injection of Alibaba group’s external enterprises. Word of mouth network into development column Ali group, not only the electronic business philosophy advocated by the success of the Alibaba enters into people’s life consumption, also ushered in the opportunity of rapid development for its reputation network. 2009, word of mouth network and then incorporated into Taobao, followed by silence, two years later, the word of mouth network directly suspended all the promotion.

if the old word of mouth to Alibaba as the center, then the new team to the Ant King as the center. According to reports, the new word of mouth team, by Alibaba’s food and beverage service platform – Amoy little business team and the next line of ants under the gold business team. Ant King to pay for the cause of the group’s general manager of product operations van Chi as word of mouth CEO.

the name of the joint venture as word of mouth, it will integrate traditional mobile e-commerce and big data, change and upgrade the Chinese local service market, to provide consumers with enhanced dining and shopping experience. Alibaba’s food and beverage service platform Amoy little and ants under its line of business resources will become the core component of the reputation of the company.


group said that the new platform will have the advantage of reputation and experience to help with Alibaba and payment service both the accumulation of years of ants, help local life services to better solve the pain points, and better adapt to the transformation and upgrading. Especially in the mobile e-commerce platform, cloud computing services group Alibaba, and experience the ant gold suit in mobile payment, consumer credit, credit system and other aspects of small and micro loans, will help all kinds of local life service providers to better adapt to the new market demand, to provide consumers with better services.

it is understood that the word-of-mouth platform develop the line market will first start from the catering services, merchants and online payment service team of ants under the super, medical treatment, vending machines and other industries, will be gradually integrated into the new reputation platform. The new word of mouth has been built to support the management of the business platform under the line operators.

at the present stage, the Alibaba’s Taobao mobile phone payment service and ant’s Alipay wallet will provide entrance for the new word. Especially in July will release the latest version of Alipay, will comprehensively strengthen the line service capabilities, to provide important support for the entrance platform service reputation. Future, mouth >

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