The programmer must read a code in the tragic story of Silicon Valley map


programmers must read: a code in Silicon Valley the tragic story of


technology Zheng Jun from the bottom of the U.S. Silicon Valley

this is a sad story. A Silicon Valley farmer was fired by a start-up company because he developed too many Bug applications.

can be a little worse than that?. Not only did the farmer lose his job, he was accused by the company of Apple’s app store. Life is so hard, why do some things to



code farmer Peter because the program is too much Bug, was expelled from

this poor code farmer called Peter (Peter), the cruel start-up company called Medium, this sad reminder happened last week. Blog platform Medium in Apple App store update application, describes the description is: the previous version of some annoying Bug, is Peter’s fault, now get it; Peter was expelled."

poor Peter! It was shocked by this corpse behavior. Which company did not use Bug ah, usually quickly update, even if a programmer should resign, no such public humiliation.

Medium is a blog platform, Twitter two co-founder Ivan · Williams (Evan Williams) and · (Biz Stone biz; Stone) co founded in 2012. Two people were left Twitter, plans to build a long version of micro-blog Twitter, encourage users to publish more than 140 words in length.

however, then enter their application update records, found a brain hole wide open feeling, like the original description of the application to update the regular course of official duties so you can play


Medium in March last year, Apple’s app store on the line, more than a year there are more than and 10 updates, which are described as a serious solution to Bug as well as the introduction of new features. Literary style began in March 19th of this year, the day of the application update in addition to the conventional description, but also a song."


wrote a song

lyrics to write a little level. Not quite rhyme, also introduces the main functions of the Medium application: directly publish blog, search location, view recommended browsing, watching Youtube. Too long, lazy translation.

The next step is to make the

pen style, Peter began playing the male pig. April 27th update "we hired Peter," updated on May 6th, "we are pleased to report that Peter put his banana boat on"

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