The Google Android app store business coaching post head

Beijing on March 11th news, according to foreign media reports, the Android team has 4 and a half years of Eric · Chu (Eric Chu) will no longer be responsible for Android application store business was transferred to other posts.

Android digital content manager Jamie · (Jamie Rosenberg) duties will be increased, responsible for Android application store applications and gaming business, but the position has not changed.

Rosenberg 2 years ago from Microsoft to Google. Prior to joining Microsoft, Rosenberg served as vice president of Danger payment services.


Android app store Android Market Huanshuai, renamed Google Play, that Google will change, released in Android and Internet sales of digital content the way. Google wants its digital store not only to include applications, not just limited to Android device users.

according to sources, the internal management structure of Android Market from the beginning there is a problem, Eric · Chu responsible for developer relations and business development, David · Kang Wei (David Conway) is responsible for product management. As two of the same power head, Android Market lack of decision, leading to unnecessary wrangling.

over the years, Android application store has been the need for more resources. Although the application is a key factor in consumer choice, a kind of intelligent mobile phone platform but because Google believes that the success of Android is mainly reflected in the device activation volume and mobile search revenue, the app store is "two citizens within the Android group".

although Android last year in terms of revenue for developers has improved significantly, but still make some developers feel confused. Mobile, a leading developer of Mika, says the company will no longer support Android because of the increased cost of the Android version.

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