Live platform new regulations female anchor banana direct ban

recently, all kinds of news about the network anchorwoman involving prohibited content of these female anchor in emerge in an endless stream, gaming has become a circle "focus" at the same time, also let them webcast major broadcast platform to become a target for all. Recently, the relevant departments of the state issued regulations began to strike, and some network broadcast platform is simply to prevent formation of hand censors have special content broadcast anchor.

"bananas", "wearing a blouse" that Teaser content will be blocked

It is reported that in addition to

, before some broadcast platform requirements prohibit wearing low cut and short skirts, some of the recent broadcast platform also issued more stringent requirements, such as "banana", "wearing a blouse" the edge ball also will be punished, the platform is blocked, if part of the anchor appeared wearing suspenders, eating bananas. Or use a banana provocative action in during the live broadcast, are prohibited, must immediately delete.

Guangzhou daily news yesterday, the Guangzhou Daily reporter went to a local broadcast platform to interview their newly created "live security team", the team has more than and 80 people, their daily tasks is to monitor the broadcast live on every platform, to prevent the female anchor or other anchor for illegal content network broadcast.


still has a number of provisions prohibiting female anchor edge ball

has also been reported before the game, the current domestic network platform for many of the country according to the relevant departments of the requirements of the introduction of the anchor dress code. Many live platforms have strict orders not to dress uniform taste, female anchor sexy underwear, dress, see-through dress, exposed flesh colored tights, Waichuan underwear, bra, fishnet stockings, half suspenders, briefs or present triangular shorts, low waist shorts and sexually suggestive words or pictures of clothing etc.. Although the State Department and the broadcast platform double regulations did have problems of "watching" phenomenon basically disappeared, but there are still some woman trying to play ball, or "individual accident".


case review: men and women anchor live


case review: female anchor Guo Mini traced to live nude video



case review: female anchor vacuum hot dance accidentally exposed

How to eliminate the chaos

network live broadcast platform? Said monitoring coverage rate of nearly 100%

is currently in some areas of government departments will continue to intensify the crackdown, such as the Beijing cultural law enforcement corps has started supervision in accordance with the "Convention" of the relevant network broadcast platform, and announced the first batch of anchor blacklist in May. These blacklisted anchors will no longer be hired by the webcast platform

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