Microsoft eyeing ylmf new system is difficult to apply the law said

December 31st news, according to foreign media reports, according to the wind studio recently launched the open source operating system "YlmfOS", Microsoft said, will pay attention to the matter, in order to protect their intellectual property.

ylmf previously mainly engaged in optimization of WindowsXP system in December 2008, announced the dissolution of. But again this month, launched its own "YlmfOS" operating system.

Ylmf OS based on the Ubuntu system, but the interface is high imitation WindowsXP, and thus raised the industry questioned the infringement. But YlmfOS based on Linux system, rather than Windows XP, according to the current regulations is difficult to determine.


, said in an e-mail interview with Microsoft recently: "we have not evaluated the system code, but based on Linux, the current anti piracy law difficult to apply. Therefore, we must protect the overall spirit of intellectual property law."

As for the

will take what kind of action, Microsoft said: "since each case is different, depending on local laws and regulations on intellectual property rights, and the feasibility of technology implementation and other issues, it is difficult to predict what will take legal measures. We also need to further determine which of Microsoft’s intellectual property products may be threatened."

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