Website how to choose a good space

      1 host selection

      select high visibility and good reputation of the host, a well-known, for the novice, to find the hao123 directory for the virtual host, the host company general here are more powerful. But the price is relatively high, the ladder network orchard that do not focus on the space and

      on the identification of the method, and look at the address of the host company where there are several phone calls, how many customer service? Do you provide trial?

      in fact, the best way is to consult an experienced webmaster friends, they are quite familiar with this piece, if you do not have such a circle of contacts, you can consult a professional consultant.

      we have mastered the situation of some hosting companies, do not introduce in detail.

      2 space size

      this point you need to know how much space in your web site needs, do not have a step in the idea, can gradually upgrade, if your program and the database is only 10M, so you want to be a 100M space is enough, and the price of a space is 100M low. In the future, with the increase in databases or files, you can step by step to upgrade your space.

      3 space performance

      now it seems to double the host are more interested, in fact, single lane is not very important, as long as the room can be a good, ladder network is located in the telecommunications room, believe that friends will not feel Netcom than the use of telecommunication lines slow. Of course, if it is a single room, to see what the service does not provide CDN acceleration,
CDN can better solve the problem of communication between North and south, but later discovered that in fact not what is necessary, we survey on non telecommunications users do, non telecom users access speed has no effect. But one thing to note is that if you are a telecommunications user, then choose the telecommunications room, because the use of >

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