Robin Li secret traffic the main Baidu cloud nternet banking and venture capital

when the Tencent proposed to connect everything, Ali to do business infrastructure, what is the new role of Baidu


has experienced more than and 10 years of development, as a major engine of the development of the Baidu Baidu alliance, in the context of mobile ecological transformation, put forward a comprehensive upgrade of mobile eco league goal, in addition to the traditional distribution and Realization of the business, in the Baidu cloud, Internet banking, venture capital and other direction, will also build a more abundant ecological support.

in the past, everyone impression of Baidu, has been more like a wholly-owned acquisition, holding, but in fact, Baidu has a lot of investment, accounting for a relatively small." Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li in the May 29th Union summit said, in the mobile Internet era, Baidu will invest more emphasis on equity, will not give investment objects painted on the stand label.

investment will focus on equity

although the Internet is hot, but in the past two years, the products and business innovation, has entered a relatively stable period, and the giants between gezonglianheng, mergers and acquisitions are staged crazy.

BAT in addition to the three giants, including Jingdong, 58 city and two level camp company, from the beginning of 2015 has entered a period of frenzied acquisitions, is very active in the capital market, a variety of "Ecos Corporation", "union", "platform" continue to emerge, this for the original engine company, even beginning to challenge.

as an original gather partner platform, Baidu alliance is also facing the new revolution period.

Robin Li at the summit bluntly, the Internet world is changing very fast, many years ago, the domestic Internet practitioners may be only about 100000, companies are also running around the Internet to sell, but now Internet plus concept has been overwhelming, employees at least tens of millions of size.

alliance summit opened 10 years earlier, I have been shouting big screen is about to open, but now not only the curtain opened, the first phase has ended." Robin Li frankly, PC Internet era has been reported, although the mobile Internet era, online and offline are still confused, full of uncertainty, but also in the rapid development of the climax.

what is the next node?

Robin Li joked, to wait for a talk, but he made it clear that in terms of investment and positioning itself, Baidu needs to change.

investment, where to go, and later Iqiyi 91 wireless, Baidu have branded the love holding role, Robin Li said the fact that Baidu mentality has been very open, but in addition to public investment, Baidu also cast a lot of companies are not holding.

"in the future we will be more emphasis on investment in small stocks, to cultivate ecological, rather than holding." For the interpretation of the popularity of BAT, millet, and other assorted Jingdong stand system, Robin Li said Baidu internal do not.

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