NOKA full 150 years of domain name Nokia com witness scenery history

renamed China ( May 13th news, yesterday, is full of the 150 anniversary of the establishment of NOKIA day, the former mobile phone industry giant, to other areas of development. The domain name NOKIA over the years witnessed the scenery, and it’s a sudden turn for the worse.

figure: NOKIA LOGO

NOKIA, formerly known as a wood pulp factory, was founded in May 12, 1865. NOKIA in 1967 has been a large cross industry companies in Finland, the industry involved in rubber, cables, forestry, electronics, electricity and many other fields.

NOKIA domain name registered in July 1991, accompanied by NOKIA has been nearly 24 years. From the beginning of 1998, NOKIA has become the world’s leading mobile communications industry, and to maintain this position for more than and 10 years. Has been in the position of the peak is a very difficult thing, in the new mobile operating system, the impact of the status of NOKIA began to disintegrate.


NOKIA and Microsoft cooperation seems to be a move NOKIA under the worst, their mobile devices and services to Microsoft not only in two years, and also signed in the third quarter of 2016, intelligent mobile phone can not be released before the agreement.

NOKIA facts have proved that any enterprise in the development process of long-term occupy the dominant position is not necessarily a good thing, adapt to the times to seek innovation can not be anxious for a while.

figure: here

at present, NOKIA’s business focus only NOKIA network, here maps, NOKIA technology. Here map which is being fought for many companies, domain name is also of concern.

20 years of career of NOKIA mobile phone, to bring the world a lot of amazing design, with its former glory, in the mobile phone market temporarily forget. There are rumors that NOKIA will return to the smartphone market in 2016, but the official answer is ambiguous. Although it is too early to talk about 2016, but NOKIA comeback is not impossible. Domain can record the history of NOKIA’s turnaround


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