Grassroots entrepreneurs on the site of the central 2 fortune story

2 sets of central "fortune story" program will be in 09 years at noon on February 25th 12:40-13:10 will play "off-line" entrepreneurial story:! Welcome to


money online ( is a web based free online financial management platform, founded in February 10, 2006, is one of the online financial management platform China the earliest. It has a strong online financial accounting, statistics system rich, the one and only multi account function, simple and convenient custom reminder function, can help us to manage personal, family, shop, shop, studio, small business finance.

has more than 3 years of market development, money online has become the largest online financial management platform Chinese. Currently has more than 30 registered members, international Alexa ranked 40 thousand. The website PR value 6.

off-line excellent product design and quality of service, won the majority of the members of the support and praise, in the market established a good reputation and brand image. In July 1, 2008, money online officially became Ali software partners, its products has become a focus on the promotion of one of the goals of Ali software platform. And has been the central 2, CCTV, Beijing TV, Zhejiang TV, first financial, Jiangxi satellite TV, "financial weekly", "financial weekly", "money", "computer", "Morning News", "Southern Metropolis Daily", "JINGWAH", "noon news times", "Morning News", "Xinmin Evening News", "Liberation Daily", "Zhejiang daily", "Shanghai Times", "Shanghai daily", "Shanghai", "information", "youth Yangtze daily newsletter", "China Youth Daily", "Chinese business", Sina, Sohu, the financial sector,, gold online, "Shanxi daily", "shopping guide", "new weekly", "Wen Wei Po", "Chongqing daily", "Guangzhou daily", "Taiwan times" electronic commerce, "Global Times "," new weekly ", PCHOME, iResearch, CCIDNET, HC, reported in the media.

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