The world without us with only one case

another case of cyber attacks in the United States last Friday to become a reality. Hackers have taken advantage of millions of daily devices, networked cameras and printers, to launch attacks on key parts of the internet.

roughly as follows:

hackers use publicly available source code, the formation of a network of equipment based botnet army, and then sent to the DNS provider a large number of garbage data processing requests. This attack is mainly for the Internet service provider headquartered in New Hampshire Dean company (Dyn), so it can not play the Internet as a "switchboard" role; and consumers are able to access including Twitter, Tumblr, Netflix, Raddit, Amazon, Airbnb and other famous sites, because all the paralysed hours.

thankfully, these sites can not be accessed, not the server is paralyzed, but their DNS server was attacked resulting in the domain name can not be properly resolved as IP address. In other words, in the event of an attack, you can not access the Google site through, but in theory you can still be accessed through the Google address IP.

in any case, the incident has caused global concern and thinking. In the end what is the reason for the occurrence of the event and who should be responsible for this? In the future, how can we avoid the risk, to enhance the safety of living in the Internet in the ocean of

?Application of

and equipment in a disastrous state, who is the responsibility of the


I was in "" Internet of things "to us, why in the information age in the home?" in an article, with discussion about the procedures and equipment developers responsibility. In the pursuit of market interests based on more and more people choose to give up security in exchange for seize the initiative, I didn’t want to think about the possible "no end of trouble for the future".

again using Facebook software developers that the motto: "Move fast and break things" is a phrase, said the current world most developers guiding spirit: the key lies in the output code rate, even if there are problems or potential safety hazard at. The guiding thought and approach, how can not let the Internet become a faltering start in a disastrous state? And impossible to guard against security vulnerabilities, how can we not allow hackers to have an opportunity to


in particular, we basically do not leave the body of the phone, the ability to prevent the risk of a newborn baby just as fragile. If someone want to hack into a mobile phone, basically just to send a messages about. The phone is so fragile, with the operating system is not unrelated. In early 2014, McAfee confirmed the number of mobile phone malware known up to nearly 4>

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