Clever use of 21CN micro enterprises will increase for the year

At the end of the year,

, the annual event is on the agenda again. However, the majority of small partners will feel that the annual meeting is the biggest attraction is to eat and draw, the other does not have much relationship with their own.

annual meeting, is to expect employees to leave their jobs, through various forms of self-expression, strengthen communication with colleagues, enhance the cohesion of enterprises. If you just eat a meal, play a few games, and can not maximize the effect. But clever use of 21CN micro enterprises, so that full participation, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, the effect will be twice the result with half the effort.

clever use of corporate announcements, passing joy, sharing joy

The traditional

annual meeting, "leadership is often published lengthy speech, staff to express gratitude touch one deeply in the heart" or "the employees show, audience response effect." The reason is because the leadership of the annual meeting of the lack of knowledge, to be the year lecture venue, the audience and performers do not know each other, also greatly weakened the annual interest.

sure, if there is no leadership to take the lead, the staff did not dare to "arbitrary", as a leader, should play a leading role, started the preparatory year will be presented. In the leadership of the administrative department led by the Department as a unit, collect various types of materials, such as overtime overtime on many enterprises, Tucao company departments; more boys, can boast of "Shaolin Temple", practicing Shaolin…… Through funny, humorous means to show the characteristics of various departments, to tell the voices of employees.

"21CN" micro enterprise business bulletin area, is a good platform for the display and collect data after administrative department, the operation is very simple, expression through pictures, text, video and so on, can the enterprise culture into the. After the completion of the enterprise number will be content to ensure that every employee can see." 21CN micro enterprise staff to the author to introduce.

[expression] will be collected into the enterprise material announcement, through the enterprise number sent to every employee WeChat department;

[merit] to ensure that every employee can see this announcement;

[small reminder] expression in various forms, lively content, advance requirements of various departments to provide material;


use "tasks assigned by", who are leaders can be

according to a survey of a social networking site, more than 50% of employees because of the poor performance of talent, I think the stage at the end of the year is a "not only can not relax, but pressure" thing. How to reduce the psychological conflict between employees, closer to the distance between the staff and leadership, I believe that through transposition, you can weaken the gap between the upper and lower branches, narrow the emotional distance between each other.

in fact, for the Department of leadership, there are high-level leadership, there is a grass-roots staff, sandwiched in the middle, in addition to taking into account the layout of the senior leadership

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