YeePay fined more than 5000 yuan or more involved in an illegal organization received was stopped

claims that in 2015 mobile business volume grew 400% YeePay, is its barbaric growth pay.

in August 16th, the central bank released the news, YeePay for violation of the relevant provisions of the liquidation management, be given a warning punishment no more than 5000 yuan amount. This is by far, the Central Bank of the third party payment institutions to open the biggest ticket, exceeds the sum of previous communications payment and UnionPay business fines.

this is not a small number of yeepay. In August 18th, a senior researcher at the Institute of finance Xue Hongyan Su Ning to the weekly Times reporter said: "according to public data disclosure, YeePay 2015 income of more than 3 billion yuan, while net profit no public data, but should not exceed 3 hundred million, in comparison, a fine of 50 million yuan for payment is not a small number."

for the punishment, Epro pay in the official website said that the people’s Bank of inspection, the company set up a special rectification team, one by one rectification and layers of responsibility. In August 18th, the weekly Times reporter sent to interview letter to pay treasure, but at the time of writing without reply, respond YeePay CEO Tang Bin is not the punishment for related problems.

was out of huge fines a few days ago, the central bank issued 27 non bank payment machine renewal announcement, although YeePay successfully obtained third party payment license renewal, but part of the business to be adjusted, YeePay in 7 provinces and cities were suspended for a bank card acquiring business. And over the last year YeePay, focus on expanding Internet banking is experiencing the impact of the new deal regulation.

or an institution involving illegal

in August 16th, the central bank issued in the website of Epro pay the penalty decision, YeePay violation of the relevant provisions of the liquidation management, be given a warning and confiscate the illegal income 10 million 592 thousand and 246 yuan, a fine of 4 times the illegal income 42 million 368 thousand and 984 yuan, the total amount of 52 million 961 thousand and 230 yuan.

it is understood that this is the Central Bank of the third party payment agencies out of the largest ticket. The central bank decided to face punishment, YeePay responded on the official website, will strongly support and implement the people’s bank resolution, deeply reflect on their shortcomings, actively implement the rectification.

has been fined large sums of money for the reason, the reason given by the central bank is in violation of the relevant provisions of the liquidation management. According to the third party payment sources on 18 August, the weekly Times reporter, YeePay causes the penalty is an event involving institutions run away. In this regard, YeePay did not reply.

in Xi’an area during 2014-2015, once the outbreak of a large area of businesses have not received payment by POS after receiving machine. The number of users and agents, in the layers of subcontracting, the final home is yeepay.

online to find a report to the rights of merchants letter pointed out that through the long fly in Shenzhen science and Technology Co., Ltd. handled POS machines in the

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