Street network announced the acquisition of 10 million investment in New Oriental


technology news July 25th morning news, China business network ( announced the acquisition of the street network, New Oriental, and the fidelity of three agencies, millions of dollars level of financing. This is the largest domestic investment in social networking business this year, but also the first investment in the field of New Oriental first foray into the internet.

street network ( by the original 1000 rubber group ( executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Ms. Wang Xiujuan was founded in 2008, in April 2009 officially launched operations, the street network is based on real users and real business relationships with business development, occupation development, trade exchanges for social networking platform driven.

It is reported that in 2010

, the street network had the students as the first operating strategy, holding a "free recruitment" banner, rapid access to thousands of top enterprises favored under the social network market occupation. As of May 2011, the main street network registered users reached 6 million 200 thousand, more than more than 3000 universities across the country, including undergraduate / Master’s degree covers more than 90%, 211/985/ key institutions covering more than 70%. In May 2011, the street network has officially launched the strategy of white-collar business networking market.

is the focus on the Internet and the real value, the social network (SNS) value are mining again and again, be innovative and subversive again and again, from 51 to MySpace, as the representative of the "stranger", to Facebook, everyone, happy "acquaintance" then, to expand the acquaintance relationship between LinkedIn and google+ +, the street network as the representative of the "". Social networking is increasingly becoming the Internet entrepreneurs and investors rushed to the blue ocean.

The leader of Facebook

by far the social network’s valuation has reached $84 billion; LinkedIn was founded in 2002, pioneer business in 2003 began operating latecomers become the first to market, and become the second largest social networking site after Facebook in 2011, and more recently by "Forbes" forecast: LinkedIn will continue to develop and become a success the nation’s largest social networking sites.

industry insiders believe that the street network, New Oriental, and fidelity three capital favor, it is this "social relationship" with the replacement of the beneficiaries. The street network with "acquaintance" as a starting point, but did not extend the Facebook, and other traditional acquaintance network development route, but with the expansion of the relationship between the acquaintances on the network, providing occupation development, trade exchanges for users, expand business networking services. Street network is very similar to China’s LinkedIn, but it is different from the origin, from the campus started the street, both acquaintances and expand relations, become the most representative of the era of social networking social networking sites. (wood)

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