Taobao the first to get rid of Baidu

recently from the raise a Babel of criticism of the Internet, Taobao has blocked Baidu crawler. Has been very admire Ma, Ma did not do something crazy to do. Think about it, it’s a must.

recently announced Baidu to enter the C2C market, in fact, this point exposed Robin Li has begun to enter the e-commerce. Baidu to enter the C2C means that the challenge of Ma Yun’s Taobao, how does not give Robin Li a little response to the Ma Yun. Just after the big portals are no longer rely on Baidu, Baidu can search it? You have to think about the Baidu search engine, not your own, why some popular keywords to occupy it? There is full support capacity of the site from Baidu, Baidu to sober up.

In fact, since the introduction of Baidu

auction, has been hurting their users, has been hurt. Baidu should wake up, do not move on K station, the site is your source of information, without them you search a P ah. I used to think that only the webmaster hate Baidu, recently many colleagues said. Baidu has a virus, Baidu information is too slow to update, what is out of the search ah, promotion Baidu do not wake up even your most loyal users have to leave you. Taobao has sounded the alarm.

on the other side, Ma Yungan doing that? Five pulse Excalibur said that Ma Yun’s "(Alibaba, Taobao, Alipay, Ali Mama, reputation, YAHOO has digested) have been made, think Ma Yun does seem to have this ability no longer rely on Baidu? Mom is 4 billion of the traffic, with Baidu?

actually thinks there’s another reason. Baidu C2C is on the line, Baidu is bound to guide the search engine on the right side. Ma Yun to do so is to start strong, leading people to shop on the search engine.

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