nterview with Ji thirteen have never been in business and interest in struggling


August 2012, Phoenix reporter interview Ji thirteen shell network CEO.

Phoenix Technology News News August 23, 2012 August a Friday morning, we went into a nutshell network office. This room is located in Beijing China World Trade Center waste plant after the transformation of the office of scientific and artistic mix of the fashion temperament. A filled formula of the blackboard stands in the entrance, circular platform surrounded by Rest Area put orange upholstery, a cat from the fashion degree no less past the office staff of the middle self-assured or supercilious. Of all the things that caught our eye, we saw the thirteen. Black T-shirt, blue jeans, black frame glasses, a face like a baby after 80.

although this is not the first time we met him, but it was the most impressive one. Of course, because we want to talk about the topic today, the same profound. Thirteen Ji asked me today want to talk about what? I feel to say some nanran. Even more ashamed than to talk about other people’s gossip, I say, we talk about you, and your ideals. Yeah, that’s what I came here for.

ideals or dreams in this noisy era, has long been labeled a sentimental label. But, if you know the story of Ji thirteen, might believe, even talk about dreams of the times, or someone will make it become a reality, but not in the minds of the fantasy.

talk about ideals: I think every step should not be casually to

is ideal for such a thing, if you believe it, it will always follow it, but realize it, it needs opportune, need many uncertain factors. From ancient times, fail on the verge of success cases are not uncommon. In the eyes of many people, Ji Shisan seems to be lucky.

in 2004 at the Fudan University to study for a doctorate in neurobiology, Ji thirteen began to write popular science articles, when he occasionally wrote poetry, is considered a science student in the literary youth. And from then on, he began to think about his future. As a doctor of science, the best way is to go abroad, one day in the future to become a scientist or a homecoming; into domestic research institutes and universities, if you want high wages, can also choose to go to the big companies. Every road has a bright future. However, in July 2007, when she got her Ph. D. degree in thirteen, she did not follow the path that the predecessors had passed and proved to be successful.

many years ago, "the graduate" still sentimental Dustin Hoffman heard Dad’s friend told him "you Different", feel a bit silly. As Chinese, from our education is not new in order to be different". But Ji Shisan is hoping to find a different path, he chose a career at that time seems to be somewhat less – freelance writer, leave Shanghai to Beijing to write popular science column

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