Do not rely on traffic the nternet will make money

      after a period of time off, before returning to work, simply sort out the thoughts during the vacation. One of the chats with a friend left a deep impression. In fact, the theme is very simple, old-fashioned: Internet profit model.


      what is the existing profit model of Internet? Advertising, such as Sina, online games such as Shanda, value-added services such as Tencent, e-commerce, such as Ali, what else (derived from the consideration)? Also want to come out a lot, basically did not leave all of the above.


      how to profit the above model?


      Sina rely on the huge traffic, from big to small in brand advertising, advertising products, to cooperate with Google, the flow of energy into the value of this field to achieve the ultimate, who else could it be?


      the rise of Tencent depends on a large number of loyal users, with the user, what to do, can form a scale effect. Individual income is small, multiplied by the huge number of users multiplied by the frequency, profit will not be less.


      Ali’s Alibaba, Taobao or go is a way, free of charge, to gather up popularity, the death of eBay, they are not necessarily better than the day. Users accustomed to free, and then gradually accept the charges, is always a very difficult process, but in China, Ali is king, and how much to make a specific, not a listed company, any data are not credible.


      grand zhuangshiduanwan succeed, give up a large box, secure attention to network game, first quarter net revenues of more than 500 million such beautiful earnings will give Tang Jun more time behind the deployment plan.


      briefly stated some known information, just want to remind is: the premise before the three profit to a large user base and the page flow based on the grand game mode, although there is a user play began to realize income, but because of its research and development the cost of hardware investment, etc., in essence also needs to reach a certain number of user requirements, but personally think that the first three modes is advanced.


      summed up the model is: (traffic or user number) * a conversion formula = profit



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