Tuniu will be listed on the United States the numbers of online travel market

[Abstract] what is the market size and development prospect of domestic leisure tourism? Which tourism products will become a hot spot?


Tencent technology Fan Xiaodong reported on April 9th

April 5th, the way cattle to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a prospectus, plans to raise $120 million on nasdaq. Tuniu.com will be listed in the U.S. news show, leisure is becoming the online travel market in addition to the ticket and hotel reservation for another important segment.


, the online travel market competition is mainly concentrated in the higher degree of information of ticket and hotel reservation areas, the target user is primarily for business travel; and leisure tourism, mainly for the consumer market, refers to the tourism resources for leisure as the main purpose, on the condition of tourist facilities, in particular the cultural landscape and the service for the content of the project, leaving the settlement and to stay in different places in a certain period of time travel, entertainment, sightseeing and rest.

in form, mainly divided into leisure travel with a tour group and tours, travel with the group services provided by traditional travel long dominant, in recent years, with the improvement of living standards and the free exercise of low-priced products, travel is on the rise and catch up with the group tour market from the product; look, mainly divided into outbound tours, domestic tours, tickets and cruise reservations and other segments.

The combination of

leisure products involving tours itinerary, hotel and ticket booking, attractions tickets booking, tour guide, entire shuttle, visa services, complex structure, long standardization and automation degree are low, the online market growth is relatively slow. However, the promulgation of the tourism law, the development of mobile Internet, as well as online travel service companies have increased investment greatly accelerated the development of online leisure travel market.

first, leisure tourism market size and development prospects

1, the growth rate is higher than air tickets and hotel reservations

from 29 billion 300 million to 75 billion 2013: Chinese online leisure travel market size of about 29 billion 300 million yuan, 2013~2016 years of online leisure travel turnover CAGR of about 35.6%, higher than 21% compound growth Hotel booking and ticket reservations rate of 20.9%. 2016, China’s overall leisure travel market will reach 573 billion yuan, while online leisure travel will reach $75 billion.


2, accelerate the erosion of the market share under the line

from 7.7% to 13.2%: iResearch data show that online leisure travel is still only accounted for 7.7% of the overall Chinese leisure tourism market share, the proportion is expected to reach 13.2% in 2016; crack consulting recently released report shows that in 2013 China Travel >

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