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station network (www.admin5.com) August 27th news, with the continuous fermentation of Qin fire fire incident, a public relations firm, including well-known micro-blog Internet marketer, V, gray marketing industry chain micro-blog once again sounded the alarm to reveal to the public, the Internet marketing industry. Meanwhile, the remediation network rumors also hit the alleged activity of the decline of sina micro-blog. It is reported that sina micro-blog also held an emergency before the seminar and reflection. Outside of this speculation "Sina micro-blog in V to help".

Network marketing professionals

anonymity said, compared with five years ago, not only the main position of the network Navy disinformation from online forums to micro-blog, but involves a big V forwarding rumors of the industrial chain. This group of acting in the network business model is often the first to earn, and then make money, rumor itself may not generate revenue, but through disinformation, to attract fans attention, these fans become the basis for days after the commercial speculation.


Qin fire fire incident behind some big micro-blog V, play a role in fueling. According to the Beijing Daily reported that the police said in the case of the review process, Qin fire fire preliminary account, they reached an agreement with some people, help each other to turn micro-blog. Next, the police will conduct a specific investigation. Qin fire fire had mentioned the names of several people, these people will help him". But it has not yet learned what the big V and reached a forwarding agreement. In fact, China National Internet information office is also a big hit "V verification" mode transfer rumors behavior. Previously, the national Internet information office network news Coordination Bureau of the responsible person who introduced some of the so-called "big V" account "for the rumor" and "verification", deliberately spread rumours, let some users know the truth to follow suit, undermines the credibility of online media.

, according to media reports, a large number of similar fire fire Qin run by Erma interactive like Internet marketer existing in the first-tier cities, many of the more well-known public relations firm, more or less business involved, help enterprise customers brand promotion, or to fight against competitors, malicious and generalize some false information. Among them, micro-blog has become one of the main battlefield of Internet marketing and public relations war, micro-blog V has become a big network pushing the company to strive for the object. As a result, this is derived from an industry chain. It is understood that a number of Companies in the hands of the network with the company signed a business cooperation, clearly stipulates that the payment of the promotion costs, including the number of such a large V micro-blog original or forwarding costs. In cooperation, pushing the company will provide a complete list of quotations, including account level, the number of fans, the industry as well as the direction of its theme and so on. Informed sources said that the average marketing account price ranging from 100 to 3000 yuan, the general operation of the team star V, basic in the range of $10 thousand to $100 thousand. The fans have tens of millions of large V number, they forwarded the price is determined by the circumstances.

with the recent remediation network rumors activities, the future of micro-blog camp >

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