Xie Wen visible future ten talk about big data Era

six months ago began to discuss the arrival of the era of big data, big data is just a small circle of topics discussed. To write today at the end of a series, the concept of big data has been in the industry inside and outside and the mass media to raise a Babel of criticism of the wide dissemination and continue to emerge out of the direction of the efforts and innovation. Is the so-called "historical trend, go forward with great strength and vigour, Shun Chang, nizhizhe Wu", in the past only in political discussions that borrowed to describe the era of big data and the rapid development of the situation is more appropriate.

stand in different angles to look at big data, it may be a big opportunity, big development, big innovation, may also be a big crisis, great destruction, big elimination.

at present, the most active areas of network terminal innovation and network infrastructure innovation, which is called the big data industry chain foreground and background. From the familiar desktop, notebook to intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer, and then to the upcoming television network, network camera, network glasses, and research in the network by car lighting, and various kinds of fantastic network terminal and a sensor system, the material world and the human society is more and more comprehensive, more and more deeply the world is transformed into the data smoothly quickly, seems to see what the theory or practice of great the obstacles can stop this process.

The traditional cloud computing and data center

from people familiar to today’s public cloud, private cloud, open cloud, closed cloud, to set the hardware, software emerge in an endless stream of data storage and analysis tools, infrastructure in a large, background data are from the software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) to infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). In this way, there seems to be no great theoretical or practical obstacles to stop the process.

real battle or in the big data Taiwan is the network platform, the big innovation in this area is the tipping point of really big data era arrival (Tipping Point). No matter how the rich and colorful, no matter how strong the background, after all, also need to have a system, a framework, a service to people, things and things between people and objects according to the data of natural logic and social logic link, docking up, integrated into one, to be able to release potential the economic and social value. This connection, docking and integration of the way users prefer, the lower the cost, the higher the efficiency, the more data, the greater the value of this platform, the higher the status of the big data ecosystem. On the existing network platform, there is no one has the ability or potential to complete this task, the entire industry needs one or several big innovation.

on the current situation of the development of the industry and the internal needs of the era of big data, the next 35 years will have the opportunity to create an innovative breakthrough in the network platform level is nothing more than the following three directions:

personal data integration — a natural extension and expansion of the WEB2.0 revolution

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