Zhejiang pornography net net 2015 investigating cases significantly improved

Xinhua news agency in Hangzhou on 3 January, (reporter Shi Jingnan) at the beginning of this year, an interview with reporters in Zhejiang was informed that the "anti pornography · since the net net 2015 special action, Zhejiang Province on the linkage of the initiative, and enhance the case on the net and disposal of bad information online sharply.

according to the Zhejiang province pornography leading group office Huang Baiqing introduction, 2015 1 to October, Zhejiang province has more than 104.3 shielding pornographic information filtering, delete the disposal of pornographic information 16223, closed pornographic websites, column 881, coordinating relevant departments blocking foreign pornographic websites 1021, administrative the punishment of adverse pornographic websites 333, investigated 395 cases of various kinds from.

2015, Zhejiang province to the national anti pornography office reporting to supervise the handling of major cases 19, 16 of which have been included in the national pornography office to supervise the handling of cases. These 16 cases, there are 11 cases through the network and WeChat, cloud disk, client and other micro areas to spread bad information.

in view of this situation, Zhejiang province pornography Office of ICP filing and server access to carry out monitoring of 970 key enterprises in the network of Zhejiang, across the province to increase coordination and guidance, and the use of a number of WeChat, QQ group and other network communication tools to spread pornographic information case.

network platform in terms of management and control, Zhejiang continue to explore new models, improve the network management and control of the main responsibility mechanism. In 2015, Hangzhou City pornography office through the establishment of direct point workstation in taobao.com, taobao.com to help set up the network supervisor team, eliminating the intermediate links, strict permission, perfect the management rules of online shops, to trace illegal information, improve the handling efficiency, to achieve online and concerted efforts. At present, the Alibaba use network technology to establish a data model for early warning and prevention of account defense, prevent backflow repaying businesses.

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