The first case of Buddhist Network mergers and acquisitions have been completed today

      Oriental Buddhist Network: the Oriental Buddhist Network ( in August 29th: "the first Buddhist interactive portal" Oriental Buddhist network today announced that the company has with the Buddha Eye navigation ( officially reached a merger agreement, will be included in the Oriental Buddhism Buddha Eye navigation network’s, since the Oriental Buddhist network operation the implementation of mergers and acquisitions of the first single. Eastern Buddhist network acquisition Buddha Eye navigation, but also the first merger between the domestic Buddhist website, opened the prelude to the integration of Buddhist sites.

      according to the latest announcement, the board of directors of the Oriental Buddhist network was held in August 23, 2007 to consider the adoption of the acquisition of Buddha Eye navigation bill. The company will be in August 29, 2007 with the Buddha Eye navigation signed the "website merger agreement". Agreement, the eastern Buddhist network will acquire all the cultural structure of the Buddha Eye navigation, including the site’s website all domain name services.

      the eastern Buddhist network through the acquisition of "Buddha Eye navigation" was founded in May 2005, is the Buddhist network portal, for the vast number of friends to provide the most convenient web site services. Currently, the Buddha Eye navigation average daily page visits of nearly 8000pv, ranking first in the Buddhist navigation website. Buddha Eye navigation has China’s top 10 charity click site big eye charity click, with the Buddhist 114 largest Buddhist Information Harbor, the Buddhist Internet has a wide range of influence.

      Buddhist analysts pointed out that the Oriental Buddhist Network merger Buddha eyes has important significance in three aspects of the navigation of the one is to improve the "Oriental Buddhist Network" ( service industry chain, complement each other and energy-saving, mutually complementary, formed with the whole industry chain service capabilities "Buddhism tourism network" section; two is to enhance the existing "Buddhist industry website" strength and competitiveness; three is to promote the development of the Buddhist teachings of the network, for the next 2 and the overall promotion of Buddhist charity Click to lay a solid foundation.

      Oriental Buddhist Network founder Tokumitsu Master said, the Buddha Eye navigation is a good Buddhist website, Oriental Buddhist Network merger Buddha Eye navigation, help the rapid development of a higher starting point in Oriental Buddhist network.

      the recent development of Buddhist website has received unprecedented attention, the theme is the integration of resources and development of Buddhist sites. Buddhism pointed out that domestic Buddhism website more than 2 thousand at present, but the Buddhist sites generally small scale, lack of influence, there are indications that the Oriental Buddhist Network merger Buddha Eye navigation will be the prelude to Buddhism website integration, is the Buddhism website reshuffle, from "dispersion" to "cooperation" a signal of Buddhism the site is in the "whole"

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