Thunder KanKan sued claims nearly 40 million thunder currently inconvenient response

Chongqing, a network company owned by Thunder KanKan sued for breach of contract, claims nearly 40 million yuan, the case will be held in Shenzhen in May 22nd.

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is located in Chongqing Dadukou see ten degrees of network technology investment company, is an Internet company founded less than two years. Yesterday, talking about the contract dispute and Thunder KanKan, the company responsible person mr..


June 8, 2013, Shenzhen, Liuhe Ding Tong Investment Company and Shenzhen Thunder KanKan information technology company signed a cooperation agreement. The two sides agreed that Liuhe topsailin invested 8 million yuan to set up Chongqing at ten degrees of network technology investment company, responsible for the operation of Thunder KanKan local station; Thunder KanKan is responsible for providing technical support in the local station normal operation after two months, the right price of 1 yuan to buy 42% stake in Chongqing at ten degrees.

Liuhe Ding Tong is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chongqing to see ten degrees. The company’s attorney Feng Jinglei presented a petition to the reporter, the complaint said Liuhe topsailin and Chongqing to see the ten degree company that Thunder KanKan eventually did not fulfill the agreement, not only the acquisition of shares, also stopped related technical support.

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Mr. Cai, after signing the contract, according to the agreement, Liuhe topsailin invested 8 million yuan, in Dadukou District of Chongqing was established in ten to see that Thunder KanKan company, local station item company. At the same time, Thunder KanKan also look at the operation of the ten degrees of the local station in Chongqing free of charge to provide a variety of technical support.

Chongqing look after the establishment of ten degrees, according to the agreement and the two sides, has invested in Hubei, Jiangsu and other local stations, and has been put into operation.

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, the two sides signed the "cooperation agreement" agreement, Chongqing at ten degrees local station normal operation after 2 months, Thunder KanKan (Party A) must agree to see Chongqing ten company (Party B) station project in China territory only platform for Thunder KanKan, and Party B shall have the exclusive right of cooperation; Party B promises to 1 yuan look at the ten of the transfer price of 42% stake in the company to Party A. During the cooperation, Thunder KanKan continues to provide free resources.

Cai introduced in December 2014, Thunder KanKan fully stopped the technical support for several local stations, but also did not respond to the acquisition of equity.

currently, Liuhe topsailin Thunder KanKan to default on the grounds that will be taken to Shenzhen Nanshan District court, claims nearly 40 million yuan. The case will be held on May 22nd.

thunderbolt response >

thunder relevant person in charge: it is not convenient to respond to

Chongqing morning news reporter and the relevant person in charge of the thunder Jiang made contact. Mr. Jiang told reporters that Thunder KanKan and Liuhe Ding Tong contract dispute case, it is not convenient to respond, >

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