Do you want to see a business story Sorry the real business idea only accident

Abstract: like all borrowed money, the face of the end of the matter must be a lot of friends. But L was lucky enough to have nearly all of his friends, and a big brother in the circle, who had just sold the company on the handle, took the risk of lending money to L.


Since the

before I once wrote an article about his start on the road the dark days of the article I venture 1000 days the darkest night, received a large number of entrepreneurs and the story resonate, but today I want to say is, I have experienced, but not in the dark.

At the beginning of the story is the idea of

L is a large number of people who have a halo of entrepreneurs. 1 years ago, he took an idea and his resignation from the China hundreds of thousands of personal savings, the largest Internet Co began to embark on Entrepreneurship of no return.

things seemed very smooth, and soon found a partner, rented a small house, day and night to write code, test. A few months later, the money ran out, but the product is finally on the line.

with just the birth of the product, L came to Beijing, began to frequent contact with investors in a friend. In his field, he himself had a little bit of popularity, coupled with good product ideas, L eloquence is also very good, so soon there will be results.

is the beginning of a digital company executives, the final decision to invest in a very short time in contact with the L after the. That night, the excitement of L and buddy, a barbecue restaurant in Beijing Lu on drinking beer, started the imagination of a better future. As I described the scene, there was something shining in the L’s eyes opposite me. I can also deeply understand, in 2012, I and my partner in Wangjing after seeing a gangster to get term, but also excited to drink until late at night. The feeling of the world will open in front of the excitement, unforgettable.

I afternoon drinking on the bridge, sitting in is Hao ying. Long flow months go silent. Xinghua Shuying, Piper to the dawn.

L finally did not accept the company’s investment figures, but also chose a very well-known institutions. Of course, offer is better. This is a wonderful beginning, and the wheel of history seems to be spinning at this moment.

back to Shenzhen, L and small partners began to fight. About half a year, he met the first hom. For various reasons, one of the founding partners decided to quit. So after several discussions, L and investors decided to accept and to compensate the partner in a cash.

that L is a bit low, after he and the company’s financial woman comes home after finishing the transfer, but forgot to take the U shield bank account.


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