Part time job management company Lystable A round of financing 11 million SaaS


Internet has profoundly changed the way people work, and non full time work has become the choice of many people. Lystable, a company that offers part-time labor management services, is trying to help companies make the most of it. Recently, Lystable announced the completion of its $11 million A round of financing, lead investor is Peter Thiel Ventures and Goldcrest Valar Capital.

in the past, 36 krypton reported new labor platform Work Market. A one-stop service has been established for five years Work Market provides free occupation for corporate clients and contractors have resources, cloud free occupation management system on the market the most mature and comprehensive (FMS Freelance, Management System). Last January, Work Market completed $20 million C round of financing. There are Work Market jade first, Lystable on what corner overtaking


founder Lystable Johnston from Google, in the long-term work he found himself and non full-time staff to deal with time than full-time employees, but the management of full-time employees cannot adapt well to non full-time employees. He said: "a CRM can not rank, no pay, no index and classification, but if you want to cooperate with 2000 part-time staff in a month, there must be a special tool not to be."

for this purpose, Lystable has designed many special features. For example, 36 krypton to "krypton accelerated plan to find a temporary photographer, Lystable will help us get all worked with photographer a list, and according to our evaluation of their skills to a ranking. We can even browse their past to 36 krypton works, and give them a message.


so, Johnston think Lystable and Work Market (and other similar platforms) is not the same. The latter is concerned with linking businesses with non full time employees, while Lystable helps companies manage these people better. Investors Valar Ventures believes that Lystable has solved a truly ignored pain points. Many users want to be able to do a platform to connect Lystable and non full time employees, and Johnston said the team has not yet planned, but it is an open attitude".

Lystable is now headquartered in london. But most of the team

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