Network marketing vs Marketing the reality of different approaches but equally satisfactory result

The essence of

marketing is the transfer of business or personal information to more people, in order to achieve profitability or the value of their function; network marketing can transfer area is very large, can go to every corner of the world; the reality of marketing, most of the enterprises can realize the region is still relatively small; from the method. I compare two kinds of simple marketing, found that different methods, different point of view, in fact there are different approaches but equally satisfactory results essence;

a, e-mail group VS mobile phone mass

email marketing, we are not unfamiliar, but a few years ago, many companies use a way of low cost, wide spread; but with all these years, the explosive increase of spam, we are slowly distaste for email marketing, so a lot of email spam filtering has a lot of, so the effect is not obvious the quality of customers; accurate mass mailing, slowly become some big website to enhance customer impression;

A way to promote the

mobile phone group is produced with the increase of mobile phone users and the price is relatively cheap, and the sending device can be obtained easily, so some enterprises also made a lot of spam messages, the aversion degree has been reported in CCTV; another consequence, SMS has become a lot of a liar. A tool to deceive people;

two, forum posting VS flyers


forum has become an important means of many small and medium-sized website marketing at present, the cost is very low, so many websites also hired a lot of part-time, turns post, also achieved good results; but most of the current site for ad attitude is not friendly, so the advertisement NiuNiuNieNie;

In fact,

advertising has very good advertising effect in reality, including large businesses, many businesses have adopted this approach; delivery target choice, strong purpose, exquisite leaflets is the enterprise name card; advertising cost is not low, if the delivery way improper, often make investment companies

also cast to the wind;

three, blog promotion VS light box advertising

Promotion mode

blog promotion has become popular in recent years, the blog is like lots of quality advertising light boxes, large flow, good effect of communication; blog can make use of some basic platform, is free to get started, so the threshold is very low, the effect of flow completely on their own to get investment from advertisements; high end, communication time is extremely limited, is often a means of corporate brand promotion;

four, SEO optimization VS channel construction

SEO optimization, in fact, the site is a means for the search engine friendly, especially for people who do not understand the network. We increasingly rely on search engines to browse something of interest; so many websites will please engine, make yourself better show up, so as to achieve the purpose of promotion, promotion of professional actually cost is not low, such as Baidu promotion, the cost of a year to several thousand yuan; channel.

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