Google lead investment Airbnb latest round of financing valued at more than 30 billion

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Silicon Valley Unicorn Airbnb is on the way to grow into a big company.

according to the access to the news media interface material, the company in the latest round of private market financing of up to 30 billion -310 billion valuation. According to the information available, the last round of financing its valuation at $25 billion 500 million, which means that this round of valuation growth of 18%-21%.

after this round of financing, Airbnb valuation valuation in the global non public companies ranked third, the top two are Uber and China mobile phone manufacturers millet.

According to the

interface news unconfirmed news shows, with the Silicon Valley technology giant Google Airbnb this round of financing is the lead investor, do not rule out the future of the two companies have cooperation at the operational level.

and Airbnb also clearly stated the financing of the listing time – 2018.

prepare for listing

large non-listed company will come to a crossroads – to further prepare for the listing, or sell the company.

2016 has passed nearly three quarters, not surprisingly, the U.S. IPO market will continue to slump, the number of IPO will reach the United States since the financial crisis in 2008, the lowest value.

even if the opportunity to get IPO, the public market valuation may not be comparable to the private market, so many companies choose to sell the company at this time. Some are regarded as the IPO market in 2017 the seed companies have chosen in recent selling company, such as male care start-up companies Dollar Shave Club price of $1 billion sold to Unilever, software company Ping Identity sold a PE company in June this year. In addition, taking into account the uncertainty of the political and economic prospects, more people are pessimistic about the future of the stock market, many listed companies also choose to sell, such as social networking platform Linkedin sold to Microsoft.

can also be emboldened insisted listed is the unicorn in the top few companies, including Uber and Airbnb. In the interface news to get the financing documents, Airbnb company made it clear that it will be listed in 2018, and its valuation will be $70 billion -750.

market is an important step towards large company start-up companies, which means that various management details will be sent to the Wall Street on trial, Airbnb in 2015 when it hired Laurence A.Tosi from Blackstone as chief financial officer, which means the company in financing and on aspects of the security.

Tosi in the capital market to experience this in Linkedin as the acme of perfection, just give yourself a >

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