The second Chongqing nternet Conference to explore the secrets to attract venture capital

      how does Chongqing’s local Internet companies win the attention of venture capital and other capital? August 18th, held at the Fuli Hotel in Chongqing Electronic Commerce Association branch website 2007 Annual Conference and the second session of the Chongqing Conference on the Internet, pig, the blog network has successfully obtained million venture capital outstanding local sites have appeared, to discuss with other local website this topic.


      guest eabax software company chairman Yang Chun, the largest Vc firm in Shenzhen science and technology Vc firm manager Fu Xiaobo, on the part of the network of enterprises in the city conducted a risk investment simulation, from the profit model, the way of expression, communication skills and other aspects to guide local website. Bo excellent site pig Witkey, and the city has received venture capital’s network and 16388 DB network was also lectures on special topics, share them with venture capital funds and approached the successful introduction of process, a very good inspiration to other sites.


      participants pointed out that the Chongqing site in attracting venture investment still need to overcome the profit model is not clear and not two weak communication. Some sites have good ideas, but the lack of a clear profit model, so it is lack of confidence in their contact with venture capital, many companies of investors are most concerned about "how to make money just stay in a conceptual stage, there is not enough detailed plans and steps.

      in addition, expression of the defect will also affect the appeal of the website. In the simulation of a 5 minute presentation, there have been more than 4 minutes to describe unrelated website experience on the site management content unclearence using the webmaster, this not mature way of communication is bound to affect the risk of investors in the enterprise impression.

IT elite jointly enjoy a gathering of many people, Chongqing’s information industry a better tomorrow.

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