Zhou Hongyi the next ten years the trend of China’s nternet and the rise and fall

some time ago, the twenty-first Century economic report, Hou Jiyong to interview, we recalled the events of the past ten years. Speaking of the three, my view is that China’s Internet, the top three for the Chinese Internet has made indelible contributions.

Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba, the "big three" contribution, I think there are two points, the first is the Chinese defeated the foreign Internet Co, that Chinese Internet still belongs to the China company, China Internet Corporation can only play better. Second, they put the Chinese Internet ceiling high. Before the Internet, made $1 billion in market value, is quite impressive, now worth billions of dollars do not feel curious.

so, my conclusion is that today Chinese Internet is an industry with international standards, close with foreign giants abroad in some fight hand to hand with hand in hand, the product model. In the past ten years, including the "big", including a lot of Internet Co innovation a lot of patterns, resulting in the failure of foreign Internet Co in China collective. At the same time, the rise of three means that Chinese Internet industry is likely to produce several tens of billions of dollars in the market value of the company. This is difficult to imagine in other industries in China, especially in the private sector. Especially in Alibaba, business model, innovation mode of payment China e-commerce has made great contribution to the development of open it and the resulting ecological system also makes it Chinese Internet in the international symbol.

this is the last ten years, the results of all Chinese Internet practitioners struggle, but what will happen in the next ten years?

On the

and in the future, and now is the first.

in recent years, China’s Internet Co, large companies in copying small, small companies are copying. Big companies complain that small companies are copied, what I can not copy? However, big companies forget such a truth: it is because of the large company and plagiarism, with the existing customer channels, or even forced to install, promotion, shortcut to force small companies have to go copy "". Large companies can not have the order reversed. The result is that large companies are not really to do some things, to guide the industry to guide the innovation, but plagiarism based on users, traffic on the monopoly monopoly company, to promote the innovation ability, resulting in deterioration of the entire internet. I think the next ten years, if it China Internet still like today, only a few large capitalization companies, but the industry has lost the ability of innovation, loss of vitality, it will be China Internet unfortunately.

our object of plagiarism — the other side of the United States, like Ebay, Amazon, Google such veteran Internet Co is still full of vitality, but the existence of these big companies like Facebook, did not prevent the rise of Twitter, Groupon and other new Internet Co. The reason, I think it is in the United States to establish a mature antitrust mechanism for large companies, so that large companies can not rely on

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