People Google shut down Chinese websites do not make a fuss

Google said here today that it is possible to close the Google China website, and completely withdraw from the Chinese market. Drummond, Google’s legal director, said in a statement afternoon in the official blog. China News Agency reporter after confirmation by mail to Google, Google news department back to the China News Agency reporter, confirmed Drummond said. (China News Network January 13th)

the two day online and continuously, before Baidu was black, after Google to withdraw, the two world famous search, naturally attracted a lot of people talking, Baidu is black is not a long time, once again talk naturally reduced, and more discussion is closed with Google news site China. Some netizens accused Google midway escape, that its incompetence; some believe that its poor safety performance, resulting in a number of user information stolen, as well as hanging on the hook with other issues, provoke the topic.


is a popular search tool, its content refresh timely convenient search, comprehensive, used Google’s Internet users, suddenly without such a tool will naturally not suited to some, therefore, caused some comments can also be said to be an expression of Google’s attachment.

Google recently encountered many troubles, especially Google intellectual property dispute case, according to the preliminary list of Google Corporation at the end of 2009, the Google digital library involving a total of more than 8 kinds of books Chinese, involving about 2600 China Writers Association members about 8000 kinds of books. Several parties with their representations, some writers and their court, if the negotiation fails, the impact should not be underestimated, the said Google closed operations and Chinese site, can not say that has nothing to do with this.

more than a search site more convenient way, from the wishes of the Internet users, the majority of Internet users or retain Google can stay. People sincerely hope that Google can weigh a stake in the situation: the number of Internet users Chinese first in the world, is a vast market, its market share is not low, according to statistics: Google in 2009 China market revenues of 2 billion 270 million yuan. Even if there is a temporary difficulties, there is also no need to retreat secret sorrow, and, as the Alibaba chairman and CEO Jack Ma said: the company’s business in any country, will encounter difficulties, he thinks, leave the easy, but to give up is the most big failure.

users can understand the feelings, but "it’s going to rain, mother to remarry" who can not stay, stay back, depending on their own, China market is always open, free, maybe go today, tomorrow again, perhaps more outside more search site, so the Google’s fate will not make irresponsible remarks, not to get excited over a little thing should be treated with the usual mentality.

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