Network marketing circle of friends destined for the business circle

such as the title, the circle of friends to business circles, most of these words seemed to use online, friends can come with us, can also do publicity for our products, and online, this sentence seems to be not talking a lot, a lot of people care about is what marketing methods. What kind of website construction, and today we discuss the pony circle of friends


A: circle of friends casting target customers

What is the

target customers? That can bring us truly profitable customers, like the target flow of SEO, if not the product corresponding to the target customers, what is the result? There is no market! And for the website, is the only visitors and traffic, and no conversion, and those for the network marketing for all. Is a fatal blow, often see some people rely on a large number of emails to promote their products, or to rely on the brush forum posts, these people without exception, the result is naturally frustrated, and feel it is not good to do network marketing, also think the way is correct, which belongs to a marketing forum. Marketing, email marketing, see these, pony can only say: you don’t understand the network marketing


why? Do you use forum marketing or email marketing is a marketing tool, but you use the wrong way, you are yourself, if every email is promotional information, will you? Estimate didn’t even look at it, or even directly deleted, or you go to the forum. No matter how the title novel, you a bit inside, is advertising information, what would you do, jump out rate is almost one hundred percent, even the mouth: rub cheating! These words let you have an epiphany? If so, please listen to the pony slowly said, when we send bulk mail every day or when the brush forum and we are all aimlessly in our products do, what is our network marketing purpose? Is to find the target customers, this time, the circle of friends might come out


we can through the mail or space published about the way, tell friends, I opened a shop, or in the sale of a commodity, Javier Mascherano believes it’s simple? Have you every day in the room some sad or eat these awful time, these things will fix. You in the circle of friends, you are not a liar, but does not exist the problem of trust, of course, you can not give the inferior product to cheat a friend, otherwise, no shop, no friendship, and when we do, you will find that their own store gradually for business. Even if your friends are not required, they will also help you promote your products, one of their own, they believe! So, target customers are not there.

two: circle of friends casting customer loyalty

loyalty seems to be the network marketing is the most concern, regardless of the size of the enterprise, is the hope that their products can have a group of loyal customers, it is related to the subsequent sales of products and sales promotion, for example, we go to the store to buy a home shirt, we are very fond of this shop shirts, >

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