Data collection and analysis of network promotion

According to

reports, as of December 2009, the number of sites Chinese, that domain name registration in the territory of the Chinese website number (including access to the territory and outside access) reached 3 million 230 thousand, the number of sites with low growth rate. 2006 less than 1 million webmaster, now about 3000000. So many owners are still more than half of the grassroots, grassroots, they do not have the resources, no contacts, technology is not high enough, in the face of such a general condition of how to do network promotion?


data acquisition, Many a little make a mickle. No contacts, can make; no technology, can go to study; no resources, can go for; similarly, no site resources, we can go to the collection. Have enough data to make your site within three days of the increase of more than and 100 backlinks. Of course, too much time will be suspected of cheating, such as personal blog does not matter, intended to practice. A large collection of effective links of the chain platform site, this method is also an effective way to increase the site chain. Here I talk about how I collect links and data analysis platform.

implementation, implementation, persevere, in execution! Due to the qualitative change, certainly must first change. There is only one – three days must be found in the 200 link platform to do reserves. Now the chain link collection platform, a large collection of the next collection types of websites (such as training), and then the next site collection collection more than PR6 of a type, then the next collection of well-known IT net contact and lay a good relationship, I believe that there will be a total change of sweet, sweet will come the.

method, having in common owners need to exchange Links point to think. So I was the major SE search based on keyword search to find, such as "chain link" and "exchange Links" and "link platform" and other words, so that you can find in the search engine 200 is not a problem, the key is whether you can stick to, this method is the most conservative, and at the same time very practical.


(Figure 1: use search engines to find)

method two, for a different perspective, the use of link platform to find more links to the platform, fast and efficient. As shown in Figure two, you can find 60 pages of data in only one link platform in the three page.


(Figure two: finding links between platforms)

method three, clever use of search engines. The Three Stooges surpass Zhu Geliang, and that the exchange of students, combined with their own experience and repeated contact search engine a, found that these link platforms are using a type of template, use the search engine to search parameters, it can narrow the scope to a higher hit rate. Through these parameters (Inurl:exchange.asp, inurl:exchange.php, inurl:excha>)

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