Analysis of B2C e commerce promotion scheme

website optimization and promotion as a major part of the website operation, but also the site of the top priority. Do a good job of optimization and promotion for the development of the site plays a decisive role. As B2C e-commerce website how to do promotion and optimization, I put forward several suggestions:

1, B2C site mainly in the online business, then the foundation of the network is particularly important. The foundation of the network is as the survival of the website, first of all from the overall construction of the site. Site planning and construction to meet the B2C positioning and market demand, analysis of planning and investigation, according to the actual construction plan. Construction plan to reflect the technical optimization point. Web site program implementation process to do the art and layout, to achieve a good experience. This step is equivalent to the store store building and decoration, needless to say the importance of.

2, B2C site SEO: to have a good SEo optimization, in order to ensure that the latter achieved good results. Do website experience, after is the site to achieve good optimization, improve website PR value of the domain name, search engines, links, keywords etc.. About B2C optimization knowledge, you can optimize the column in the Chinese B2C industry network / learning.

3, according to the face of the customer base to promote the program. Must be based on in-depth investigation to analyze the combination of demand points and promotion points. The main energy should be placed on the network, for people with online shopping experience to take precise marketing. Early best to seize this part of the crowd, because they are the most direct online shopping potential customers.

4, online promotion can take the forum to promote, mail promotion, SNS promotion, real-time chat tools to promote. This is one of the most economical ways to promote, but also the traditional way of promotion, the effect is gradually declining.

5, online advertising marketing

lock customer groups can be selected according to the characteristics of the customer base of the group focused on the site and community advertising. The advantage of online advertising is to seize a specific group of direct marketing, there are many ways of advertising, text, pictures, videos, etc..

6, shopping guide website, as well as shopping rebate website community website promotion

select several suitable shopping guide website, rebate website and shopping guide website community discounts and other activities, such B2C website is the website shopping guide, so that customers can learn more through their.

7, website alliance promotion

website alliance is one of the most effective ways to promote the site, the well-known Baidu alliance, etc.. Can try.

8, search engine rankings promotion

this is the way to pay, pay an expensive price, may be a lot of harvest, but the effect is still good.

9, the DM direct product catalog promotion

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