Big data marketing of small sellers of smell

recently said a lot more about the topic of data, many sellers do not understand, in fact, is not profound. Push ha network Xiaobian think big data may be a myth, turn around and take a simple account, in fact, is how to dig valuable data, analysis of data and the use of data.


for a Taobao shop, we are most concerned about is the flow and transformation. Although the seller has more money to invest in advertising, but with the development of information technology, the effect of one-sided pure broken advertising has not been so obvious, many businesses have begun to analyze data marketing. Flow and transformation, it is necessary for us to store the data indicators for analysis, so as to make good decisions to get. Look and smell, step by step operation.


1 look

What does

look at?. Push Kazakhstan network friendship recommendations: hope is the general situation of the shop, just like the diagnosis of patients, first about the patient. The same is true of the store, Taobao service center provides a lot of sellers services, such as sellers shop reminder, store operating conditions, such as early warning. As a seller, take your time to do shop diagnosis and analysis, it is necessary to understand about the status of the shop! After go to the segmentation problem, to find out valuable information from all kinds of problems.

2 smell

what do you hear?. Listen to others views and opinions, listen to, speak less and listen more. Whether in the forum, QQ space or other community, there are always some people in the discussion of store operations, silently listen, you will ignore some words of no great importance there are always a few words, can be an inspiration to you, for you. Three of us are walking together to be my teacher, push the network Xiaobian always speak this sentence, the sentence is very reasonable. The flow of mining, and sometimes hidden in this group of people, they may not be deliberately to provide you with a good recipe, but you can get some sources of traffic flow, which is what you gain!

3 ask

ask what, ask, is a question, this does not need to explain. Understanding of the basic operation of the store, listen to the recommendations of the public, push ha network Xiaobian this time advocate you have to start asking questions. According to their own pre analysis targeted to put forward some problems, whether it is the forum or QQ group worth mentioning, there are always enthusiastic people will put forward their views, to help you answer. Perhaps the answer is not perfect, unique, but also provides a new idea for you,

benefit by mutual discussion!

4 cut

how to cut, cut, cut? Off, making the process of pre mining! Flow, we have step by step, to understand the situation of store operations, to solicit views, but also understand the shop problems, the mining information is, the next step is to do to take the right decision aiming at the problems of the shop "

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