Recommend 11 kinds of the most common and most basic network promotion methods

do buy site is the most afraid of the site does not flow, can not bring more customers to the site, worried that the site will gradually disappear in the world where the Group buy slowly disappear. A lot of group purchase website are personal or several partner operations, may not use a very high cost to promote their own websites, so learn to look through the low cost to promote their own group purchase website is particularly important, I do the following combination of Wenzhou discount network experience to share with everyone of the 11 most common network promotion method is the most basic for your reference:

1, SNS website promotion: Renren, happy nets and other well-known SNS website;

2, Award Registration promotion: Registration rebate, lottery and other registration methods;

3, QQ group promotion: add mass information promotion;

4, search engine promotion: proper SEO optimization, remember not excessive, because it can make a successful group purchase network almost do not need too much of the SEO technology, the most important is the promotion and marketing, and cooperation with businesses (specific ways to Baidu SEO


5, soft Wen promotion: in well-known portal website published soft Wen;

6, blog promotion: to build their own blog, long-term adherence;

7, Forum promotion: specific methods please Baidu look;

8, mail promotion: specific methods please Baidu;

9, word of mouth promotion:: this method is very important to buy site, need to study;

10, the use of Baidu products to promote: Baidu know, Baidu post bar, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu library and other

11, micro-blog promotion: specific methods please Baidu.

in fact, the above method is no matter what kind of, as long as it is done, so extreme, is an effective extension. Do group purchase website the most important thing is to have patience, confidence, don’t be afraid of trouble, don’t be afraid in vain, do not be afraid of nothing to give, not instant success.

Wenzhou discount network is willing to work together with you to do a good job to buy this market, to witness the future of the group.

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