Talking about how to promote the National Outdoor Network

every time I see other stationmaster can take the original to the A5 home page, I was very envious of, for the good combination of speech and expression I decided to try to write today, I do stand experience to share


I am 10 years before I contact site, no contact with any computer and knowledge of web applications, depends on their hobbies on Station Road, start, ideal and like many webmaster confused, very want to make a station can exceed Sina NetEase station, under the illusion imperceptibly spent a few months can accomplish nothing. In September of 10, my friend called me to a party, which gave me the idea of doing outdoor forum. Home internet access to the A5 to send a message please help me do the forum, my domain name is registered in May, is a name called the national outdoor, behoove! The first organized activity is October 15th also is the window of the world in Shenzhen held the first Halloween activities, I set up their own QQ group the day more than 30 people to join the QQ group participate in the activities, plus I have only 5! I carrying a banner to the window of the world is waiting at the gate for students to come to the window of the world all outdoor forum flags huge crowds of people, I feel disappointed, only 5 people. The end of next week home activities, give yourself up hope next week can pull 100 people.

crazy in various information network, my own blog, QQ group promotion website and promote their own QQ group, I was the main promotion QQ group, fighting for the 3 night to Wednesday came, there were people calling consulting activities, until the day registration number 176, the actual attendance of 231, busy I awfully – day a small fortune!

successfully held second activities, so that I am more confident, to see the needs of the market, witnessed the focus, efforts, adhere to the results. I held a total of 5 follow-up period of Halloween activities, participate in the activities of the number of more than 1 thousand people, up to a total of 409 people, I built 2 500 QQ group and 1 senior group almost full. More than and 200 people registered members of the forum site so short time to participate in the activities of the number of so many other not me, I analyzed the reasons may also be just in case of low prices of young people playing Halloween so I held so successful! There is a promotion method properly, the service is good, may at a later time didn’t do so well through these activities, but I should work harder, I insist on doing more outdoor sites.

I just started is a direct extension of the website, website posted general to add links to be deleted, QQ group promotion with link information is T, so I take the way of promotion QQ group many users are also relatively easy to accept and do outdoor or travel friends can establish their own QQ group, first promotion group and then the promotion of Web site this method is practical and the effect is good! I hope my small experience can help to you, after more exchanges! Be reproduced ( national outdoor)

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